4Moms, MamaRoo Baby Swing

4Moms, MamaRoo Baby Swing In Room

Although there are so many baby products you can buy to keep the little angel comfortable, safe and happy, you have to prioritize according to your budget.

You need something functional, portable and safe for your child. And this is where a baby swing comes into play. A high quality swing is a worthy investment in the long run.

A baby swing comes with a multitude of features and functionalities. For example, they are designed to have built-in MP3 systems and Bluetooth functionalities. You can rock or swing your baby using the same product.

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Plus, there are different speed and seating positions that you can adjust to ensure maximum comfort for your baby. However, when it comes to buying a baby swing, there are just so many products out there.

It can really drive you in the corner if you don’t know what you what it is exactly you are looking for. Fortunately, the 4Moms, MamaRoo baby swing is a safe, competitive priced and fully featured swing for baby girls and boys.

On top of that, the product has racked up popularity for being a durable, safe, and comfortable swing for babies. There are just so many things you can do with it.

The swing can rock or swing the baby back and forth or side to side, the multi-positional seating of the swing allows for maximum comfort and it enables users to adjust the speed accordingly as well.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity – This is perhaps one of the best features of the product. The fact that you can remotely control the swing speed and motions is astounding. This is what makes the 4Moms, MamaRoo a cutting-edge, uniquely designed swing for babies. Setting up the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone won’t take more than a minute. Configuration is easy and once it is set, you can control the motion, speed and vibration of the swing from the kitchen or from the seat you are sitting on right across the swing in which your baby is sleeping.
  • Hypoallergenic Materials – The plush MamaRoo baby swing seat is design to be safe and comfortable for babies. This is why the seat of the swing is made with hypoallergenic, soft and plush materials that will not bother your baby and will not be a cause of skin irritation. Moreover, the seat is machine washable, which means you don’t have to waste time maintaining the seat if your baby tends to make a lot of mess.
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  • Built-In Sounds – This is another awesome feature of the 4Moms, MamaRoo baby swing and rocker. You can play a total of 4 calming and relaxing songs in it that will further help your baby relax and get some wonderful sleep. On top of that, you can easily connect swing to an MP3 player. You can play your own variety of baby songs too.
  • 5 Built-in Motors for Enhanced Movement and Vibration – This is what makes the product so unique and innovative. The baby swing is fitted with a total of 5 motors that allow the swing to move in different motions. It also mimics the way parents move when they have their baby in their arms to comfort them. Also, the swing also mimics the motion generated inside the car. Other motions include tree swing, rock-a-bye, kangaroo motion and wave.
  • Overhead Toys Attachments – The baby rocker and swing is also fitted with an overhead reversible and rotating toy attachment for the added pleasure for your kid. You can change the toy add another similar toy of your choosing. As your baby is swinging back and forth, the toys above him will rotate too, giving him a peaceful, safe and relaxing experience.

What Customers Say

The 4Moms, MamaRoo baby swing has received an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A majority of consumers are happy with product and left positive feedback and reviews. What most users were happy with was the simplicity of the design along with its 5 motion features. The fact that you can set the swing to vibrate and move like how parents usually do when have their baby held in their arms is just fantastic.

The Bluetooth functionality is also another reason why many parents have recommended the MamaRoo baby swing. Think about it: wouldn’t you like controlling the speed and movement of a baby swing from the comfort of your chair while watching some TV or perhaps the kitchen?

4Moms, MamaRoo Baby Swing

Our Rating

This is a pretty amazing innovation. The only potential drawback of the baby swing is that it has a 25 lbs limit. Moreover, the swing can only used until the baby learns to sit up all by himself.

Buying Advice

You can buy the 4Moms, MamaRoo swing for just under $220 on Amazon with free shipping. Plus, the product comes with a 30-day return policy, although it is always smart to compare prices as they considerably vary from seller to seller.

If you want to get more bang for your buck, look for discounts and deals. To have a comprehensive understanding of the product, log on to MamaRoo’s official website. The website contains plenty of information on how you can efficiently and effectively use the product and install it.


Overall, the 4Moms, MamaRoo baby swing is competitively priced, popular baby swing that can help your baby relax and sleep while you take some time off from baby duty. However, be sure to buy the product from a reputable seller. If you want more functions and features, select a different brand.

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