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A baby play mat is probably one of the most popular and versatile baby products in the market. The best activity gyms and play mats makes it possible for your child to develop essential skills. You will find play mats in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

While some mats play music and sounds, others may have plush toys attached or consist of puzzle pieces for your baby to enjoy.

Some play mats do not feature attached toys and are simply designed to offer your little one space to roll and play around. This is great for babies who are learning how to crawl or little ones who are learning how to walk.

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Some mats are large enough to accommodate parents and older children so you can spend some quality time with your children. While investing in a play mat, parents must ensure the product is made using safe materials and is easy to clean.


The Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym is a brightly colored floor gym that has caught the attention of several parents around the world. The floor gym is constructed using soft materials and features a cushioned surfaced that will protect your little one from a fall.

The play mat is made using waterproof materials and is easy to clean. To remove stains, simply dampen a piece of cloth and use it to wipe the floor gym clean. Here are some notable features of the Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym:

  • Safety First - Concerned parents will be relieved to know the play mat is manufactured using BPA free, lead and latex free materials. Now you can let your kids play for hours without being worried about their safety. The play mat has been manufactured whilst keeping strict safety standards in mind. The mat is suitable for both infants and babies.
  • Easy to Clean Design - Things are likely to get messy when you have a toddler in the house. Rest assured, this play mat is made using waterproof materials and features an easy to clean design so you don’t have to worry about getting rid of tough stains.
  • Large Play Mat - The play mat is a one-piece large mat that can accommodate babies and small children. This makes this mat perfect for parents with two or more children.
  • Educational Benefits - The brightly colored, vibrant mat will provide several educational benefits for your child. Your little one will soon be identifying all the colors and numbers printed on the play mat.
Foam Mat Multiple Designs
  • Multiple Designs - The Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym is available in 11 colors and comes in two sizes.
  • Soft Cushioned Design - The soft cushioned mat is squishy enough to protect your child against hard falls. Now, you can watch your child crawl, walk or tumble around without the risk of injuries. The mat provides your child a safe, hygienic and comfortable place to learn and grow. The soft design protects children from hard floor surfaces. Additionally, the non-slip material prevents your little one from tripping over and falling.
  • Reduces Noise and Impact - The mat can be used for insulating the floor surfaces and is also perfect for reducing noise and impact.
  • Versatility - Simply roll the mat and store it inside the cupboard. You can use the mat in your baby’s nursery, the living room, play room or any other area you want.

What Customers Say

The Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym received an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 which indicates a majority of customers were happy with their purchase and left positive reviews. Some customers also posted pictures of their children enjoying the mat.

This play mat is perfect for small children who are learning to crawl or walk. Most parents were happy with the design of the mat: you can choose one with numbers, farm animals or letters, depending on your personal preference.

The designs feature bright colors that are comfortable for the eyes and will look great in practically every room. The play mats are not only great for protecting your little guy from falls but also for sanitary purposes in case you live in an apartment with carpeted floors.

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Our Rating

While hardwood floors are easy to clean, carpets and rugs may serve as a breeding place for bacteria. A play mat offers your child a comfortable space of their own to play around and have fun. A customer also commented this play mat is more affordable than other options in the market.

As for the downside, a customer claimed the play mats have not been tested for toxic chemicals and that no lab analysis that can substantiate their claim. However, the brand prompted responded to the customer’s queries and sent them a report these mats are free from lead and cadmium.

Buying Advice

The Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym can be purchased on Amazon at a reduced price of just under $110 (21% off­) with free shipping on Amazon Prime. To save a few bucks, consider looking out for promotional deals and discounts.

Apart from Amazon, you can also purchase the play mat from eBay, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and other leading online stores. We suggest you browse through different online stores to benefit from the best deals. The play mat is available in 11 different colors and is sold in two sizes so you can easily invest in a design that is best suited for you.


Overall, the Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym is a great investment to make and is suitable for most babies and toddlers. The versatile product can be used for a variety of activities and is suitable for kids of all ages.

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