Your Guide To Choosing The Best Gifts For Toddlers

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Gifts For Toddlers

Taking care of a toddler might not be easy. These little guys love to get down to mischief and are packed with energy.

But here’s the good news, shopping for an awesome gift for your little one shouldn’t be too hard. Toddlers aren’t difficult to impress and are at the perfect age for trying new things.

Your little tot has recently mastered the art of walking, running, putting sentences together and more. Your child’s natural curiosity makes him/her the right contender for a variety of diverse toys.

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What Are The Best Gifts For Toddlers

If you are still unable to pick the right present for your kid, here are a couple of fun gift ideas practically any toddler will love.

Building And Constructing

Colorful, wooden or plastic blocks are loved by toddlers who are enthusiastic about basic construction work, which involves stacking, building, rebuilding, and knocking down.

Two children playing with building blocks

You will find a variety of blocks in the market depending on the child’s motor skills. If the child is a bit older, choose alphabet blocks that will serve dual purposes.

They will not only keep your child entertained but will help them learn the alphabet. Some blocks may display cool pictures that may leave your little one in awe.

However, inspect the size of the building materials, and follow the instruction guidelines printed on the back of the toys.

Railway Set

Whether you are looking for a neat present for a boy or a girl, practically every toddler is fascinated by anything that rolls or is magnetic. That being said, a train set it sure to be the perfect gift for toddlers.

While your child may not be able to assemble the tracks just yet, they will be excited to push the train around. Within the next two years, your child will acquire the coordination needed to put the tracks together and you can help them out in the meantime.

When purchasing a railway set for your child, do not buy a massive one with tons of parts. This may overwhelm your kid, steering their attention away. Build the collection over time as your child grows up.

Once your child is a bit older, he will be delighted to have a railway set with tunnels, bridges and other elements. If you have adequate room, consider investing in a train table and do not forget to buy a cute conductor’s hat.

Playing Pretend

How many times have you caught young children clutching their hand over their ears, pretending it’s a phone? Pretend playing is a hit among young children.

Children sized colorful table and three chairs

The best part is, you need not invest in an expensive toy. Your child will appreciate something as ordinary as a basket of fruits. Survey the market for fun props that will that will challenge your child creatively.

If you really want to see your kid’s face light up, consider purchasing a toddler-sized set of table and chairs. You can also buy a plastic tea set so your kid can enjoy a fun tea party at home.

You can also invest in a junior kitchen set with a cool apron and chef’s hat. Children enjoy mimicking grownups and would love toys that help them feel like adults.

Make Bath Time More Fun

Children enjoy splashing around in the pool especially when it is summer time, not to mention toddlers love bath time. Sure, floating boats, rubber ducks and water-squirting animals are fun but why not buy your kid something that is out of the ordinary.

For instance, you can invest in a set of water-soluble crayons for your child to increase the fun without leaving a permanent mess behind.

These crayons are available in a variety of colors and the drawings can be easily wiped out with a sponge. However, be careful about staining grout.

Parents can also purchase a set of bathtub stickers that stick to the walls. If you think your kid is already too distracted during bath time, consider buying a kiddie pool instead. You will find a variety of outdoor water toys that will ensure your child stays busy all Sunday afternoon.

Engage your child in a number of water activities. Water activities are great for improving motor skills in toddlers but do not leave your child unsupervised.

Reading And Talking

It doesn’t matter if your child can barely speak, reading and speaking to them is important for their overall growth and development.

Father and daughter reading a book in bed

Reading aloud to your little one will not only help you establish a strong bond with their but will also expand their vocabulary.

Reading out a story to your child can help them learn about different animals, expressions, colors and loads more. Board books are a great option for little kids and ensure they are not able to tear the pages.

Not to mention, it is sturdy enough for small hands. Invest in a variety of interactive books for your child that will help them experience different textures.

Expanding the library will ensure your child inculcates a habit of reading as he/she grows older. Invest in books that illustrate popular child’s songs, nursery rhymes and poetry so your child is already ahead of other kids by the time he’s in preschool.


No matter how old your tiny tot is, a slide is the perfect gift for kids of all ages. These outdoor toys stimulate your child’s growth, and ensures you spend more time outdoors.

Invest in slides that are just the right size for your little one and ensure it isn’t too high. You can invest in adventurous options for your child once he grows a bit older.

Consider investing in a slide where you can adjust the height according to your kid’s convenience. You can purchase swings to complement the slide or invest in a water slide for the summers. Many brands offer slides featuring your child’s favorite cartoon characters.

Crayons, Paints and Easels

Remember, a toddler does not have high expectations when it comes to receiving gifts because everything is practically new to them.

Boy and a girl painting on the wall

Consider buying your toddler an easel and a set of non-toxic paints. Best of all, when the paints run out, you can cook up a homemade batch for your kid. While finger painting is more appropriate for this age, you cannot go wrong with buying paintbrushes that will allow your child to explore a variety if texture.

Artsy trips to the museum can also be a fun present for your child. Exposing your kid to art at a young age helps develop visual imagery. Consider buying postcards from the museum gifts shops and laminating them for your child. This will ensure your child has beautiful memories from their trip.

Our Top Recommendations

Are you still having trouble picking out the perfect present for your toddler? Fret not, as we have compiled a list of our top picks that you are sure to love.

Mega Blocks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

Tired of your child spending all their time watching cartoons? Perhaps you should gift your beloved toddler the amazing Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag

This bag is the perfect start to your child’s builder’s collection. Your kid can use this bag to enjoy several hours of fun filled playtime.

The blocks are available in a variety of trendy, colorful options that your child will fall in love with.

Playing with a set of building blocks is great way to help kids learn, discover and grow. The blocks will not only stimulate your child’s imagination but will also improve their motors skills.

The blocks are perfect for parents who want to encourage more family time and cut down on screen time. 


Here are some notable benefits of the blocks:

  • #1 Best seller on Amazon
  • The bag includes 80 colors blocks, including special shapes
  • Early childhood development and hands on play
  • Includes a storage bag for easier cleanup
  • Ideal for little hands
  • Can be combined with other preschool toys for added fun and activity time
  • Features to grip blocks that are just the right size for toddlers

Our Rating

Tikes First Slide

Nothing says fun like your child’s first slide. The Little Tikes First Slide is the perfect gift for just about any toddler or young child.

Little Tikes First Slide

The slide is just the right size for your little one can be folded and unfolded in a matter of minutes.

The 3-feet long slide can be securely locked when it is not in use so that your kid does not hurt their finger while attempting to open it up.

The slide is perfect for storing in small spaces around the house or for carrying along on trips outdoors.​


Some notable features of the slide include:

  • The perfect slide for beginners, especially if you are trying to encourage outdoor activities among your kids
  • No tools required for assembly and easy set up
  • Must be set up on a soft play surface
  • Can only hold one child at a time
  • Has a weight limit of up to 60lbs
  • Compact storage and can be locked in a slide

Our Rating

VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

The Vtech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is among the most popular toys among young kids who are learning how to take their first steps.

The colorful walker is great for kids transitioning from crawling to walking and taking their first steps forward. The product is durable and is perfectly safe for your child though we do suggest you keep an eye on your little one.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

When it comes to manufacturing quality child development toys, it is safe to say that Vtech produces some of the most durable products in the market.

The sit-to-stand walkers features a play panel that features a variety of lights, buttons, sound and entertainment to keep the baby active and busy while you complete your chores.

For added convenience, the play panel is also detachable and can be used while your baby is in seated position. The panel can then be attached once your child is older and has started taking their first steps.

The walker allows your child to push the toy like a shopping cart. The two settings on the back wheel stabilizes their first steps so your baby can move around more freely while the second setting makes the walker more different to turn. The walker is suited for different floor types.


Some notable features of the product includes:

  • 5 piano keys play notes that stimulate creativity
  • Tons of sound effects, 70-sing along songs and fun phrases
  • 3 shape sorters, 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 light-up buttons will develop your motor skills
  • Interactive learning that stimulates your child’s mind
  • Mechanical elements and telephone handset that allows your child to play pretend

Our Rating

Final Thoughts

These are just some of our top picks. It is best you purchase gift according to the child’s interest. For example, some toddlers are fond of animals whereas some may be more inclined towards other toys.

Additionally, do consider your budget. While most parents would be inclined to get their kids the biggest presents, remember to spend wisely.

Two kids playing with toys

The money you save can be transferred to your child’s college fund or something more significant.

Look for toys made using high quality materials as toddlers are likely to roughhouse and may throw things around. Don’t worry if your kid does not immediately like the gift as most toddlers aren’t sure how to play with the toy in the first place.

Introduce them to the toy and teach them how to use it. Beware of particular dislikes, such as clowns and snakes, which your child may not enjoy.

Hopefully, this handy guide has provided you all the information you need regarding investing in the best gifts for toddlers.

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