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Different Colors Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Being a parent is simultaneously the most stressful yet rewarding job in the world. Fortunately, there are a number of products that parents can use to make their lives easier and investing in a diaper pail is one of them. The main function of a diaper pail is to control the odors of dirty diapers in a container, preventing it from spreading and lingering around the house so you don’t have to take out the trash every few hours.

When choosing a diaper pail, parents can choose from a variety of different types and materials according to their convenience. Today, steel diaper pails are growing in popularity since they have the ability to absorb odors better than plastic materials. The Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail is among the most stylish diaper pails in the market and is available in 17 unique colors.

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail In Room

The diaper pail has received 6 prestigious awards for maintaining high standards and for featuring an exceptional design. Some notable features of this diaper pail include:

  • No Special Bag Required - With the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail, you don’t have to invest in special lingers or diaper bags. The steel diaper pail is designed to work with regular trash bags. This allows you to save on expensive liners.
  • Made of Steel - The diaper pail features a powder coated steel covering that results in maximum odor control. The plastic is porous that allows the smell to escape through the body of the pail while the steel body locks the odors inside the pail. This results in maximum odor control that contains odors inside the pail.
  • Rubber Seals - The diaper pail features a rubber seal around the rims and around the sliding lid. This makes the diaper pail airtight, locking the odor inside.
  • Innovative Sliding Lid - The innovative lid slides open, minimizing air disruption. The steel diaper pail also features an improved design that reduces the risk of breakage.
  • Childproof Safety Lock - The steel diaper pail features a slow-close lid and a child safety lock that reduces the risk of accidents. The slow-close lid keeps tiny fingers from getting caught, reducing the risk of injuries. The childproof safety lock further provides peace of mind.
  • Better Insertion - The diaper pail features a covered rim that prevents the bag from ripping open. This also allows better insertion.
  • An Array of Different Colors - This diaper pail is available in a variety of different colors hence you can conveniently invest in a color that matches the color of your baby’s nursery.
Diaper Pail Winning Awards
  • Award Winning Design - The amazing diaper pail has received 6 prestigious awards for its high-end design and high quality standards, making it a hit among parents.
  • Easy to Clean - Customers will be pleased to know that the Uppi Steel Diaper pail can be used with most standard diaper bags. Parents can also use reusable cloth liners that are sold separately. And the easy to clean diaper pail is sure to make your life a whole lot easier as a busy parent.
  • Holds Up To 50 Diapers - The Uppi Steel Diaper Pail holds up to 50 diapers. This means that parents need not worry about emptying the diaper pail after every few hours. Not to mention, the sleek oval shape of the diaper pail is compact enough to fit well into compact spaces while still being large enough to hold 50 diapers.

What Customers Say

The Uppi Steel Diaper Pail received an average rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon which indicates a majority of customers were happy with their purchase. However, a few customers agreed the product could use some improvements. Customers liked how the diaper pail is made using sturdy materials and is easy to clean at the same time.

Unlike conventional plastic diaper pails, this one works effectively to keep the odors contained. While the price tag is slightly higher than what most people would spend on a diaper pail, customers agreed that it was worth the extra dollars.

A customer wrote how they were pleased with the brand’s prompt customer service and that their representatives responded the same day. This diaper pail can also be used for cloth diapers if you are eager about saving the environment and do not want to contribute to the increasing landfill problem.

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Our Rating

Customers also agreed the diaper pail contained odors better than most plastic diaper pails in the market, making it a great choice for busy parents. However, on the flipside, a few customers claimed the diaper pail is not worth the hefty price tag and is expensive.

According to a customer, the trash bag will start to snag on the inner lip of the pail when it is too full. Another major concern was that the diaper pail did not contain odors inside the pail, which means you will have to change the bag regularly. For a hefty price, customers wish the diaper pail worked better in containing the smell of dirty diapers.

Buying Advice

The Uppi Steel Diaper Pail can be purchased on Amazon for under $80. Customers can choose from 17 exciting colors, setting the diaper pail from other counterparts in the market. Apart from Amazon, you can also purchase the product from eBay and Toys R Us.

The diaper pail can be purchased on Toys R Us at a reduced price of just under $70 with free shipping, but this offer is only valid on limited colored steel pail diapers. To save a few bucks, look out for promotional deals and discounts.


Overall, the Ubi Steel Diaper Pail is a fairly good product. However, it is over-priced and does not do a good job in containing odors. However, if you are a fan of the oval sleek design and do not care about the extra dollars, the product is a great choice for you.

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